Cigar Review: Nub Connecticut, Cameroon, Habano and Maduro

Nub Connecticut 464 at the Big Smoke.

Wow, what a weekend! We partied like rock stars at the Big Smoke at Foxwoods presented by Cigar Aficionado (check out our live tweets here.)

There were over 26 cigar lines to sample and only three hours to smoke inside, so one had to choose their cigar wisely. With so many delicious options, it might surprise you that I picked a little ol’ Nub as one of my choices. But frankly, the Nub has become a go-to cigar for me and after experimenting with the brand new blends I wanted something familiar to fall back on.

Anyone up on cigars knows the Nub’s size is one of the latest trends in cigar manufacturing. A sub-Robusto size with a massive ring gauge, the Nub is a formidable smoke in a small package. This unique construction allows up to a Churchill’s amount of tobacco to be stuffed into a mere four inches of cigar. Despite its diminutive length these babies will burn for upwards of an hour.

I love this size because I get a massive draw right off the bat, and the flavor is full and hearty without having to wait around for the cigar to really get going. I’m of the instant gratification generation, so I appreciate this very much. In a modern world where the pace is faster each day, I believe the environment is perfect for a cigar like this.

They also don’t taste half bad. While I have to say the biggest attraction is Nub’s “smokeability”, each wrapper option provides a well-balanced and complex smoking experience, each time consistent through and through.

My favorite is the Nub Habano, the most peppery of the bunch, with a savory flavor profile in the medium- to full-bodied range. It positively punches you with an initial spicy blast, then mellows out into a hearty tobacco aroma with sweet, woody notes and a smooth but peppery finish.

I also really enjoy the Nub Maduro, a thick and woody smoke that was introduced last year due to popular request. It still exibits a peppery spice similar to the Habano, but the spice is more subdued, joined by creamy hints of chocolate amidst ample smoke.

The Nub Cameroon has its own unique spiciness that is ever-present but faraway until it flashes on the finish. This is the least woody of the Nubs but possibly the smoothest, with a nuttier flavor and more leathery overall character.

Lastly comes the Nub Connecticut, a medium-bodied stock that’s got a lot of flavor for a Natural wrapper. They’re toasty, creamy treats with hints of oak and sweetbread. While they’re the mellowest of the Nubs, they still have a little dash of spice to keep things interesting. While I’d reach for a heartier stick most of the time, the Connecticut Nub was a perfect end to a night of smoking cigars. It was mellow enough to be eminently smokable (despite being in a room filled with the smoke of a thousand cigars), while complex and flavorful enough to satisfy.

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