Cigar-Shaped UFOs – Is There an Aeronautical Secret to the Shape of a Cigar?

Is this an extraterrestrial Churchill?

When searching for cigar news I often come across reports of cigar-shaped UFO sightings. The Internet is a hotbed of UFO reporting, and the Mutual UFO Network has built a large database of “evidence”, even providing a real-time map of UFO sightings throughout the nation.

Most of us are familiar with the flying saucer, or the gigantic Star Wars-esque mothership, but we rarely see cigar-shaped UFO’s in science fiction. It surprised me to discover that there may be something to the idea of a cigar-shaped spacecraft.

A little digging on Wikipedia reveals the Sears-Haack body, which scientists have discovered is the optimum shape for an aircraft seeking to achieve transonic flight. Yup, it looks a lot like a cigar. Most advanced aircraft, while not necessarily looking like a cigar, uses this principle in their design.

So what does this mean for regular cigar smokers? Should we switch to the aerodynamic Salomon shape to get optimum draw? Does Litto Gomez have a hidden agenda with his La Flor Dominicana Airbender, perhaps working on an airplane-sized model for the CIA?

The shape of a cigar does affect how it smokes, but it has little to do with its aerodynamics. Even the bizarre Culebra shape smokes fine, and the Drew Estate Natural Egg draws like a champion. It’s ring gauge size that most affects how the cigar smokes. Thinner cigars will tend to smoke hotter and taste more consistent, conversely, large ring gauges provide a cooler smoke and a bit more complexity, hence the trend toward larger sizes.

Still, I find it hard to believe that three-story Montecristos full of little green men are hovering in the sky at all times. However, it does appear that the cigar shares a lot in common with advanced aeronautics. Keep your eyes on the sky!

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