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Matt Booth of Room 101 Cigars

Matt Booth, owner and founder of Room 101 Cigars, is one tobacco man that firmly stands out in the industry and is our latest cigar star. Originally a jewelry designer, Booth found his way into the cigar industry through fashion shows and parties where cigars were always prevalent. After collaborating with Camacho, Booth decided to bring his world renowned jewelry company, Room 101, into the cigar world.

“I found a lot of similarities between manufacturing cigars and designing jewelry,” Booth told Cigar Press. “There is a handcrafted element with a cigar that as an outsider, I had never even realized.” After visiting a tobacco factory in Honduras, Booth decided that the cigar industry was exactly where he wanted to be.

Matt Booth with Room 101 Ladies

Camacho blends all of Room 101’s cigars, making them truly unique. The blend used for Room 101 features the exclusive Semilla 101 wrapper which is grown on the Eiroa family’s farm in Honduras. While the cigars in the Room 101 line are all rare and delicious, it’s the presentation of these cigars that takes them to the next level. Booth takes boxes and bands and carefully matches them with the cigars. Room 101 boxes feature traditional sliding lids and are black with silver foil lettering, making them eye catching and different. These cigars are a collection of culture, attitude, class and some of the world’s finest tobaccos, making them one of the best cigars on the market.

“Cigars and cigar smoking have become a larger part of my life and Room 101 is really just stuff that I like,” Booth told Cigar Press. Booth believes that cigars are a luxury that everyone can enjoy. “Cigars are my meditation, my personal luxury,” said Booth. “My cigar is my moment of the day, my time to relax.”

Room 101 has become a luxury lifestyle brand for the cigar enthusiasts who demand premium cigars with an edge. Over the years Matt Booth has been featured in top lifestyle, fashion and specialty magazines making him not only an innovative designer but also a well respected man of cigars.

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