As a change of pace, for today’s cigar review I grabbed a tin of the new Romeo y Julieta Minis. These are pretty new to our shelves, and I realized that of the many cigar reviews I have done, I had never tested a cigarillo. Handmade in Spain, these little stogies measure in at a stout 2 7/8 x 20, and come in convenient tins of 20. On what was turning out to be quite a beautiful day in Northeast Pennsylvania, my co-workers Kevin and Owen and I headed out to put these small-smokes to the test.

The Romeo mini had a very clean-looking Colorado Claro wrapper with a few tiny veins running throughout it, and had a slightly sweet scent to it. The packaging of the tin itself was an updated look for Romeo, with a new-school feel to it. Without further ado, we proceeded to light up.

Right away I noted that this little stogie was super-smooth, had a really nice aroma to its smoke, and was just a little bit spicy. The draw was nice and easy, and as Owen pointed out, this thing produced a lot of thick smoke for such a little stick. All of our minis were burning nice, cool, and straight from the get-go.

Admittedly, in a tiny cigar like this it’s kind of hard to identify individual flavors, but I was definitely picking up hints of espresso, cedar, and even a tiny hint of pepper. These are billed as mellow-to-medium in body, and I would say that’s pretty accurate. The flavor was clean, vivid, and consistent, and the burn was perfect all the way down to the mini-nub.

I hadn’t smoked a whole lot of cigarillos in the past, but I found this one to be pretty good, as did my colleagues. The Romeo y Julieta Mini Original had a nice relaxed vibe to it, burned great, and left absolutely no aftertaste. This original was pretty mild, but for those who like the super-mild they’re also available in Blue, which features a lighter claro wrapper. For a super-tasty 10 minutes of smoky goodness, the Romeo Minis are a solid choice. If you’re looking for something you can enjoy on your smoke break, I recommend you check these out.

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