Colibri Aura Flat Flame Lighters

A slender and innovative torch to enhance your cigar accessory arsenal, the Colibri Aura’s capabilities go far beyond your average cigar lighter.

Colibri Aura Flat Flame Lighter- Black & Rose Gold

With its unique design that provides flame in hard-to-access areas, the versatile Aura is perfect for firing up candles, grills, and other tricky lighting situations. Designed with reach in mind and easy to use with single-action ignition, the Aura is equipped with a 10 mm flat flame that gets the job done in even the most inconvenient spots.

In everyday use, this sleek and solid lighter makes toasting and lighting your cigars feel almost effortless, and after a few times using it, there’s a strong chance you may never want to go back to normal torches. Streamline your fire game with the Aura advantage in your choice of six brilliant color schemes right here.

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