Deadwood Leather Rose Cigar Review

Deadwood Leather Rose Torpedo (5 x 54)

W: Maduro

B: undisclosed

F: undisclosed

An addition to Drew Estate’s best-selling Deadwood cigar series, the Leather Rose adds a 5×54 short torpedo to the mix. These mysterious smokes feature a sweetened tip and a mysterious blend of “aromatic” tobaccos, making them a great fit for the exoticly-tasty Drew Estate cigar portfolio. With everybody raving about these damn things lately, I decided to see just what all the fuss was about.

Pre-light draws gave off some subtle cedar and coffee notes filtered through the thick syrupy sweetness of the sweetened tip.

After the torch, the cigar opened to a taste of creamy and fragrant cedar awash in a maple syrup sweetness. In the first inch or so the flavor was completely dominated by the powerful taste of the sweet tip. A few puffs later I was able to pick up some slight pepper on the finish. Both burn and draw were on point and grey ashes accumulated and flaked off little by little.

A bit further in the sweetness subsided enough to allow me to get a taste of the actual tobacco, which was ultra-creamy and easy on the palate. Just the slightest hints of creamy coffee and leather surfaced and the peppery finish began to intensify.

About halfway through the smoke the profile “thickened” to reveal more of the Leather Rose’s natural character. This portion still had some sweetness in the vanilla/honey vein, but also carried an earthiness with some substantial pepper tones.

As I burned into the final third rich notes of earth and espresso with hints of white pepper took over, with the sweetness now a background component. This was the most robust portion of the smoke by a long shot – she went out with a bang.

Truth be told, aromatic, sweet-tipped smokes just aren’t my thing. That being said, the Deadwood Leather Rose proved to be an interesting smoke in its own right and might be a real corker for those who like a little extra somethin’-somethin’ to their cigars. The first 2 inches were all about laying the thick sweetness down, but as the smoke progressed it began to show some depth and more natural flavors that were better suited for my taste. Kind of like a “best of both worlds” scenario. If you count cigars like Java, Tabak Especial, or Ambrosia amongst your favorites, you’re going to want to go ahead and pre-order the Sweet Leather Rose pronto.

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