Jordan’s Philosophy in Best Cigar Prices

Since the release of ESPN’s very popular Last Dance documentary series chronicling the ’97-’98 Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan has been a pretty hot topic. Many of us here at Best Cigar Prices have been big Jordan fans for a long time, the most notable of which is without a doubt our CEO Greg Fox.

During a recent conversation about the new show, Greg and I started to think back on the earlier days of BCP, and we began to make connections between the guiding force philosophies that helped make MJ a champion and our own values as a business. We realized that many of the same principles that propelled Mike to greatness are what have allowed us to grow to be one of the top online cigar retailers in the world. It’s been well-documented that Jordan enjoys a fine cigar, so we like to think that he’d be happy to hear that his work ethic has inspired us to deliver the best cigar quality and value to millions of customers worldwide for over 20 years. Here are a few of the traits demonstrated by Mike that have inspired us, each accompanied by a quote from the man himself.

Michael Jordan on the Court
MJ in action, sans cigar

“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”

We didn’t go from being a one-man operation selling cigars out of the trunk of a car to the worldwide online cigar retailer we are today overnight. One small step at a time, we planned, set, and achieved goals that propelled us forward as a company over the years. After establishing a web presence we moved into larger and larger headquarters for our operations, advanced in countless ways, and even eventually opened up our own Pub. All these milestones were earned by setting and reaching a series of small goals. We’re firm believers in the adage that the key to keeping momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.

“If you run into a wall don’t give up. Figure out how to climb it.”

It’s very hard to get positive results when you’ve got a negative outlook.
One of our core values at Best Cigar Prices is being guided by positivity, and it’s proven to be an indispensable asset to our team. A positive, can-do attitude is not only a powerful tool for overcoming obstacles, but it’s also contagious, and when everyone is working with a smile the results can be very impressive. Just ask our shipping and fulfillment team during Black Friday week.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.”

Working together as a team has been a key ingredient to our growth over the years. We’ve learned that as individuals we can all do great things, but the fruit of our combined efforts can be truly amazing. With many moving parts to our operation including our huge state of the art humidor warehouse, in-house Customer Service department, full-time web development team, same-day shipping and receiving, full-service Cigar Lounge, Restaurant & Retail Store, and more, communication and working as one big team is imperative to our success.

“Sometimes, things may not go your way, but the effort should be there every single night.”

Anything worth working for will have unexpected turns, and through the years we’ve had our share. With an ever-changing landscape of cigar trends, industry shifts, and deeming regulations, we’ve had to dodge, weave, and adjust often to maintain our path and this has become one of the most important facets of our company. We are constantly ready and actively looking to innovate, adapt, and improve in every regard.

Appreciation of Fine Cigars
“I smoke six cigars a day maybe.”

Of course, right? It’s no secret that, much like us, Mike enjoys a fine smoke, with his favorites being the Cuban version of Partagas cigars. He’s been smoking cigars regularly since about 1993 and has even built lavish designated smoking rooms in several of his homes and vacation properties. This makes a lot of sense to us. Not only does a good cigar provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection, but when your hard work and dedication finally pay off there’s nothing quite like a great victory smoke – we’re sure “His Airness” would agree.

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