Forged Cigar Company Teases Mouth-Watering FLVR Cigars

There is certainly no shortage of debate surrounding flavored tobacco in the world of cigars. Not only among lawmakers, some of whom seek to impose bans on flavored cigars—but among aficionados as well.

Some cigar smokers turn their nose up to flavored or infused cigars, regarding them as somehow not “true” cigars. Well, Forged Cigar Company is truly testing the limits of that criticism. How? By simply offering some of the most mouth-watering flavor profiles you’ll read for a flavored cigar.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, coffee-infused sticks. No, we’re talking about flavor notes like vanilla sheet cake, rum and coke, and others that will make any cigar purist start thinking “maybe just a taste.”

The FLVR Line will consist of five flavors, all of which will be available in a 5 x 42 Corona size. The list of flavors includes:
Space Ranger (Blend of Sweet and Savory)
Fist Bump (Vanilla Cake and Frosting)
Ski Chalet (Cinnamon and Molasses)
Yacht Rock (Rum and Coke with Simple Syrup)
Unicorn Tears (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Brown Sugar)

If you want to take your “dessert cigars” to the next level, keep your eyes open for these blends hitting our shelves this October. Your taste buds will thank you.

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