Drew Estate Freestyle Live Kits Include Cigars, Accessories, and a Raffle Entry

Drew Estate is at it again. Not only are they offering a new cigar kit that’s chock full of goodies, but anyone who gets their hands on one will have the chance to win Drew Estate credit and prizes during a September streaming event. If that sounds enticing, you might want to act fast—you need to buy a Freestyle Live kit to be eligible, and there’s a limited number available. Pre-order yours with Best Cigar Prices today while supplies last!

Even if these kits weren’t granting you entry to an exclusive raffle, they’re still packed with value. When you buy a Freestyle Live kit, you’re getting:
1 “Mystery” Three-Pack of Cigars
1 Freestyle Live Three Finger Case
1 Freestyle Live Cutter/Cigar Rest
1 Freestyle Live Flask
1 Freestyle Live Badge/Lanyard with a QR Code for the Raffle

2022 Freestyle Live Kit
Drew Estate’s 2022 Freestyle Live Kit

That’s roughly $120 of value, and you can get it at BCP for just $40. After you’ve gotten your kit, all you have to do is tune into Drew Estate’s Freestyle Live stream on September 28 via their Facebook page or YouTube channel.

During this stream, you’ll learn more about the “mystery” cigars and, more importantly, winners will be announced! The top winner will get their own Drew Estate barrel bar along with $5,000 in Drew Estate credit. Second place takes home a mega standing ashtray and $2,500 in DE credit while third place gets a cool $1,000 in DE credit. You can’t win if you don’t play, so get your kit now!

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