Get a Southern Draw Peccadilloes Four-Pack for a Chance to Win Big

Generally, we associate Black Friday with huge discounts, making it the perfect day to get gifts for the holidays. Southern Draw isn’t stopping at discounts, though—they’re actually giving things away!

The giveaway will take place live over on Southern Draw’s Facebook page. If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, all you have to do is purchase their Peccadilloes four-pack. These packs include four different blends, each rolled into an elegant 6 x 42 corona. However, the details of each blend remain a mystery, which is reflected in the cigars’ nondescript brown packaging.

Four Pack of Peccadilloes Cigars from Southern Draw

When you get the Southern Draw Peccadilloes four-pack, you’ll also receive a QR code. Scan this code, and you’ll be directed to a poll where you can vote on which of the four blends should become Southern Draw’s next new brand. The QR code will also enter you into the Black Friday raffle on November 25, held from 8:00 – 9:30 p.m. EST.

What exactly do you have a chance to win? Well, second- and third-place winners will get a one-week, all-expense-paid vacation to a pre-selected destination where they can sample unreleased cigar blends with members of the Southern Draw team. As if that wasn’t enough for the runners up, they’ll also receive Peccadilloes-branded cowboy boots and a swag bag!

The grand prize, however, is an all-expense-paid trip for two to Esteli, Nicaragua. The big winner (and their lucky friend) will get to tour the AJ Fernandez factory, complete with a crash course in how the different cigars get made. This includes a deep dive into the tobaccos used for the Peccadilloes cigars. Finally, the grand prize winner will have the opportunity to craft their own cigar blend. It will even hit the market, with proceeds going to a charity of the winner’s choice!

What are you waiting for? Your chance to win these jaw-dropping prizes is just a click away. Grab your pack of Peccadilloes from Best Cigar Prices for just $19.99. The earlier you get it, the longer you have to enjoy all four smokes and make an informed vote for your favorite. After that, don’t forget to join Southern Draw’s Black Friday live event on Facebook.

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