Get the Bold, Colorful Ipanema Humidor While You Still Can

What is the purpose of a humidor? If you answered with “to keep cigars fresh,” you’re definitely not wrong. The point here, however, is that humidors can be more than that. They can be the centerpieces of a smoking room or conversation-starters at a party. They can also be an expression of our personality, and the Ipanema humidor from Trinidad cigars simply oozes personality.

While most humidors feature a natural, wood-colored exterior, the Ipanema sports a decidedly different look. This humi uses shades of green, yellow, and blue that evoke the Brazilian flag—the same colors seen on Trinidad’s packaging. This is a nod to the Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper that Trinidad cigars are known for (in case you’re wondering why they didn’t opt for the colors of Trinidad and Tobago’s flag).

Ipanema Humidor Exterior
Ipanema Humidor Exterior

Despite the expressive flashiness of the Ipanema’s exterior, its interior is surprisingly traditional. Of course, that doesn’t mean the interior isn’t gorgeous in its own right. The cedar trays are adorned with the Trinidad logo, balancing the utility of absorptive cedar with the aesthetic sensibilities at the core of this humidor. Between the two trays, there is enough room to hold about 75 standard-sized cigars.

Ipanema Humidor Interior with Cigars
Ipanema Humidor Interior with Cigars

Speaking of the cigars that the Ipanema can hold, it’s worth noting that this humidor comes with 19 Trinidad Espiritu No. 2 Ipanema cigars. In fact, these cigars were made specifically to be sold with the humidor. Considering only 100 of these humidors were made, that makes those cigars nearly as rare themselves! Don’t miss your chance to claim this stunning humidor along with its precious cargo.

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