Cigar Punch Cutter Bracelets

With the holidays fast approaching, unique cigar gifts are an increasingly hot commodity. If you’re looking to give your favorite smoky someone a cool and functional piece that they likely won’t be expecting, give them a sharp Punch Cutter Bracelet by Les Fines Lames.

Punch Cutter Bracelet – Blue Sodalite & Brass

A truly unique, wearable cigar accessory, the Punch Cutter Bracelet by Les Fines Lames hides a sharp 7mm cigar punch within its fashionable gemstone exterior. A collection of stylish bracelets available in your choice of brass or stainless steel body types, these cool cutters come in a range of eye-catching finishes and accommodating sizes to suit your preferences. They’re not just for show, though – the compact blade on these razor-sharp wrist tools puts a clean, precise punch cut on your favorite cigars. Simply unscrew the metal housing unit that holds the bracelet closed, make your cut, and screw it back together.

Punch Cutter Bracelet – White Magnesite and Stainless Steel
Punch Cutter Bracelet – Red Jasper and Stainless Steel

Whether you go for the Green Serpentine, the Turquoise, the Tiger’s Eye, or one of the other great looks available, you’ll be giving a surprising and convenient gift that’s unlike anything else. And, if your recipient happens to be prone to losing cutters, this one will be pretty hard to misplace when it’s strapped to their wrist.

Choose from a wide selection of styles and get your Punch Cutter Bracelet at the lowest prices here.

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