Rocky Patel Artisan Torch Lighters

Aesthetically bold and functionally flexible, the Rocky Patel Artisan Lighter series presents an artful change of pace for your cigar accessory collection.

Rocky Patel Artisan Lighters
Rocky Patel Artisan Lighters

Yes, art is subjective to taste, but it’s hard to deny the practical beauty of these versatile lighters. Splashed in colorful abstract designs and equipped with a unique double flame system that features one soft flame and one jet torch, Rocky’s Artisan lighters provide awesome elegance with options for igniting your favorite premium cigars. This diverse lighter’s dual-flame approach can be powerful at full strength and can also be adjusted so that only the soft flame ignites in order to save fuel and give off a kinder, gentler light.

With the Artisan lighter, you can customize your cigar lighting experience, but its eye-catching style shines brilliantly no matter how you choose to fire up. Choose from three different sharp designs and get yours at the lowest prices right here.

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