As you may know, we’re all pretty big music fans here at BestCigarPrices, so we always find it interesting when our beloved stogies are mentioned in music. We covered a few songs in a previous blog that you can read here, but decided to add a few more to the list. While there aren’t a ton of songs out there specifically about cigars, we were still able to find a few more songs with cigar lyrics.

First up is a song by a Puerto Rican-American singer from The Bronx who landed his first record deal in 2005. Mario Vazquez’s “Cohiba” is not strictly about cigars, however the chorus is definitely about smoking Cohiba’s. Vazquez competed on American Idols fourth season but quit the show shortly after, apparently for “artistic reasons”.

Next up on our list is “The Man With the Cigar” from the English pop band Herman’s Hermits. These guys rivaled the Beatles in popularity at one point during the 1960’s, but in the end somehow faded into obscurity. “The Man With the Cigar” is about an overly critical boss who’s always smoking a cigar and constantly disapproving of one man’s work manner. I’m guessing some of you out there can probably relate to this one!

Josiah Leming’s song “This Cigar,” contains several lyrics that focus on cigars with the chorus of the song saying, “Cause I’m the best there is and they tell me all the winners smoke cigars.” Leming is an American singer-songwriter best known for his appearance on Season 7 of American Idol. After leaving the show, Leming signed a record deal with Warner Bros. and continues to make music today. Perhaps Leming is right, maybe all of the winners out there really do smoke cigars!

Can you think of any good stogie songs we’re missing? Leave a comment below, and let us know.

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