The Best 80-Ring Gauge Cigars

Pushing the concept of big-ring cigars to the limit, cigars with a giant 80-ring gauge are somewhat rare. The average joe shudders at the sight of these intimidating smokes, thus few brands have dared to introduce these extra-thick monster sticks that can burn for hours on end. The wide diameter and copious amounts of tobacco used in these oversized blends make for an especially cool burning and flavorful experience, and while many may write them off as a novelty, 80-ring cigars can serve up some serious satisfaction. Today we’re shining the spotlight on a few of our favorite 80-ringers that are sure to appeal to the boldest of big-ring cigar lovers.

The Ogre 80 x 8 By Asylum

What better way to kick off this list of elephants in the room than with Asylum’s infamous Ogre. Measuring in at a hulking 80 x 8, this freakishly-full-flavored smoke stands way out from the crowd. In addition to its bulky stature, the Ogre 80 x 8 is wrapped barber pole-style in alternating Candela and Habano Maduro wrapper leaf stripes. The resulting cigar is an instrument of mass seduction, offering billowing clouds of deliciously-complex Nicaraguan flavor in each jaw-contorting puff. Expect a massive parade of smooth flavor with notes of grass, wood, spice, cocoa, cream, and earthy sweetness. As an added aesthetic bonus, it also looks like something that Shrek might carry as a weapon.

JFR Lunatic Habano Lunatic

Handmade at the famed Casa Fernandez factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, the JFR Lunatic line combines aged Ecuadorian Habano wrappers with an all-Nicaraguan binder and filler blend for explosively-tasty results, and the 8 x 80 JFR Lunatic Habano Lunatic is so nice they had to name it twice. The rich cashew, red pepper, cocoa, and coffee notes that this blend is known for take on a whole new weight when they’re being piped out in dense plumes via this amazingly well-crafted, giant belicoso cigar. It’s a boutique masterpiece that saddles its immense build with abundant flavor and formidable strength for a big-ring smoke that you won’t soon forget.

Asylum 13 Nicaragua 80 X 6

Now this one is truly for experienced cigar-folk only. The Asylum 13 Nicaragua is a heavy and explicitly rich smoke to begin with, and this super-sized version pushes its power to the mouth-watering, stress-melting max. Its palate-crushing flood of flavor carries tones of espresso, leather, almond, and even some sneaky jalapeno, all accompanied by an authoritative medium-full body that’ll knock you on your ass if you’re not prepared for it. When recommending strong cigars, I usually suggest enjoying them after a hearty meal. With this one, I’m going to suggest you precede it with two hearty meals, pair it with a sugary beverage, and smoke verrry slowly.

La Finca 7 x 77

Okay, so the La Finca 7×77 falls a little bit shy of the 80-ring mark, but based on the facts that it’s a) so damn close, and b) so damn tasty, I just had to let it onto the list. Also, it asked very nicely to be included, and I didn’t want to let it down. The La Finca’s nutty and creamy flavor defies its “budget cigar” status in any size, and the 7 x 77 delivers a long-lasting and satisfying smoke like none other. Blended using a leathery habano wrapper over Nicaraguan mixed fillers, the La Finca is audacious not only in size but in price – you can snag 10 of these beasts for just $39.99, a colossal value.

If 80-ring is just a bit too big for your tastes, you can also browse our selection of other great, slightly less-gargantuan big-ring cigars here.

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