Best Lancero Cigars

With sleek and elegant looks and a long burn time, Lancero cigars are the preferred format of many seasoned aficionados. Serving up a heavy concentration of flavors through a slow and satisfying burn, this often-overlooked vitola is championed by some of the world’s most experienced cigar makers for its direct and striking delivery. First rolled in 1960s Cuba, the classic Lancero size measures a long, slim 7 1/2 x 38, though many modern iterations offer slight variations while keeping the style intact. In the list below, we’ve laid out our picks for Lancero cigars that are smoking the best in 2023.

Rocky Patel Special Reserve Sun Grown Maduro Lancero

Rocky Patel Special Reserve Sun Grown Maduro Lancero (7 1/2 x 38), box of 20 cigars

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro cigars showcase a dark broadleaf wrapper around dual binders and filler tobaccos from the fertile Condega region of Nicaragua. Stretching this full-bodied tobacco recipe out to a handsome 7 1/2 x 38 vessel results in a long and strong smoke with a rich finish on each puff. The blend’s bold notes of earth, sweetness, and spice are amplified beautifully by this classic shape.

Alec Bradley Coyol Petit Lancero

Alec Bradley Coyol Petit Lancero (6 1/2 x 41), box of 24 cigars

A medium-full-bodied blend of 100% Honduran tobaccos grown on a single farm, Alec Bradley’s Coyol is well-known for its smooth full flavor and excellent aromatic quality. Awarded a stellar 93, the 6 1/2 x 41 Petit Lancero is the highest-rated version of the Coyol, greatly complimenting the blend’s robust and balanced taste and accentuating its sweetness with rich tones of honey and vanilla.

Four Kicks Capa Especial Lancero LE 2022

Four Kicks Capa Especial Lancero LE 2022 (7 1/2 x 38), box of 12 cigars

Highly limited in production, this special Lancero edition of the 93-rated Four Kicks Capa Especial blend conveys a lush taste of modern complexity through an old-school format. Twisting an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua into a classic 7 1/2 x 38 vitola, this luxurious limited edition rewards the palate with warm notes of earth, spices, leather, and a lingering natural sweetness.

Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Lancero

Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 Lancero (7 x 38), box of 20 cigars

One of the world’s most famous “powerhouse” cigars, the Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 has been satiating the most demanding of palates since 2000. The 7 x 38 Lancero puts a distinguished spin on the Antano 1970’s potent flavor and strength, pushing the blend’s earthy sweetness to the forefront and revealing new dimensions of richness for this full-bodied favorite.

Oliva Serie V Lancero

Oliva Serie V Lancero (7 x 38), box of 36 cigars

The Oliva Serie V is one of the most celebrated and highly-rated cigars in history, and its lively and diverse tasting profile translates amazingly to the Lancero size. This 7 x 38 version of the Serie V was rated 94 for its slow-burning complexity and smooth delivery of dense flavors with notes of pistachio, nutmeg, chocolate, almond, and much more.

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