Best Sweet-Tipped Cigars

Man’s relationship with sugar can be traced back to our earliest ancestors. Sugar’s high energy content was a lifesaver when food was scarce, and we pursued it actively as a means of survival, forever cementing the craving for sweets into our collective DNA. It’s been a staple of our diets and lifestyles forever. Not even our beloved cigars are exempt from our saccharine obsession, and sweet-tipped smokes have long been a popular choice.

While some early purveyors of sugar-tipped cigars may have used sweetened gums to seal low-grade cigars in order to mask their harshness, the practice of sweet-tipping is now often applied to cigars of great quality that would smoke excellent even without that exquisite kiss of sugar. Sweet-tipped cigars are a solid way to add some variety to your humidor line-up, especially the outstanding ones we’ve listed below.


We’ll start by getting the most obvious option out of the way. The classic sweet-tipped Baccarat cigar line has been a best-seller for decades, thanks to its easygoing mellow body, affordable price, and creamy, woody taste. It’s the epitome of an “anytime cigar,” offering an effortless blast of sweet satisfaction that always hits the spot. Handmade in Honduras by Davidoff cigars, this customer-favorite brand is crafted with exceptional consistency. In all of its various iterations, it performs as well today as it did when it first hit the stands back in 1989, and it’s an excellent introduction for anyone interested in checking out the world of sweet-tipped cigars.

Fratello Camo Sweet

Offered in convenient bundles of 25, Fratello Camo Sweet cigars are a sweet-tipped extension of the boutique brand’s popular Camo line aimed at budget-conscious cigar fans. Rolled at the famous La Aurora factory in the Dominican Republic using a blend of Dominican and Indonesian long-filler tobaccos under a golden-hued Connecticut wrapper leaf, the Camo Sweet presents an awesome mellow smoke with mouth-watering earthy and creamy flavor complemented by a classic sugar cap.

Odyssey Sweet

From General Cigar, makers of Cohiba, Macanudo, and other top brands, Odyssey Sweet cigars cover a brilliant mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos with an aged Nicaraguan Habano wrapper finished with a sweetened cap. Known for their smooth medium body and intoxicating vanilla aroma, Odyssey Sweets are offered in accessibly-priced bundles in your choice of five unique sizes.

Deadwood Leather Rose

Taking seductive sweet taste to a whole new level, Drew Estate’s Deadwood Leather Rose cigars pair their sugary tip with a naturally sweet maduro wrapper and mysterious blend of undisclosed aromatic tobaccos to deliver a uniquely piquant experience. Call it a “sugar-tip 2.0,” the full-bodied Leather Rose is the strongest cigar on this list, packing plenty of dense and peppery taste to go with its tasty sweetened cap.

Rough Rider Sweets

Crisp and woody with a touch of honey-like sweetness in every puff, Rough Rider Sweets are crafted from 100% Cuban-seed long leaves under a creamy Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. These premium treats are handcrafted at the Dominican Republic’s famous Tabacalera La Palma factory under the watchful eye of Aging Room cigar maestro Jochy Blanco, so you know you can count on a fantastic burn on every deliciously sugar-tipped stick.

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