A Complete Guide to La Perla Habana Cigars

An often overlooked classic brand, La Perla Habana focuses on substance rather than style, offering a solid stable of reliably tasty smokes to suit a range of preferences. Rolled using choice tobaccos from all over the world, cigars like the distinguished Black Pearl and the ultra-smooth Classic carry sophisticated flavors and are built to burn razor-straight, as evidenced by their numerous high ratings and long history of accolades. If there’s currently no La Perla Habana in your humidor, peruse our selection below and correct that oversight at the lowest prices now.

La Perla Habana Black Pearl

W – Brazil

B – Nicaragua

F – Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua

Strength: Medium-Full

Origin: Dominican Republic

Once called “the perfect evening cigar” by Playboy magazine, the La Perla Habana Black Pearl features a unique fusion of Brazilian, Dominican, Mexican, and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Strong and devilishly flavorful, the Black Pearl exudes a relaxing array of cedar, coffee, and cocoa tasting tones to ease your senses into blissful submission.

La Perla Habana Classic

W – Indonesia

B – Ecuador

F – Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Origin: Dominican Republic

Laid-back and toasty-sweet, La Perla Habana Classic cigars are an awesome option for anytime enjoyment at an affordable price. Medium in body with plenty of earthy and peppery pop, this smooth five-nation blend puts an alluring aroma in the air and is as deliciously satisfying as some cigars that carry twice the price tag.

La Perla Habana Morado

W – Africa

B – Nicaragua

F – Nicaragua

Strength: Medium-Full

Origin: Nicaragua

A special blend that has garnered high praise for decades, including a remarkable 93 rating from Cigar Aficionado, the La Perla Habana Morado’s smooth burn performance and decadent tasting profile make it a must-try cigar for any discerning aficionado. Rolled by the most skilled of hands in Esteli, Nicaragua, these Cameroon-wrapped creations exude a wealth of rich flavor with tones of coffee, cocoa, butter, pepper, and a generous helping of caramel sweetness.

La Perla Habana Rojo

W – Nicaragua

B – Nicaragua

F – Nicaragua

Strength: Full

Origin: Nicaragua

Named for its oily, red-hued wrapper leaf, the La Perla Habana Rojo uses 100% Nicaraguan tobacco to deliver a bold and balanced sensory experience that’s teeming with rich taste. Adorned in an appetizing Criollo wrapper, the Rojo is filled out with carefully selected leaves from the nation’s top growing regions, resulting in a marvelously strong smoke with big flavors of cedar, leather, caramel, and spicy red pepper.

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