“Why Do You Smoke Cigars?” – 11 Aficionados Answer

Cigars, like all things tied to personal taste and preference, are highly subjective. What’s great for me might be not-so-great for you, and vice versa, but what about the “why”? What exactly is it that draws us to fire up, time and time again? Could each of our individual cigar journeys be cosmically connected by the same underlying desires? In an attempt to find out, we asked 11 of the most popular cigar bloggers a question with no right or wrong answer –“Why do you smoke cigars, and what about them appeals to you the most?” Here’s how some of the most experienced palates in the cigar world responded:

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Eric Guttormson AKA Master Sensei

Craig Vanderslice

Tim Rollins

Bryan Glynn

Eric Scism

Stephen LaPre Sr

Franca Comparetto

Matt A. Cade

William Cooper

Tony Casas

Franklin Gerechter

Eric Guttormson AKA Master Sensei

Owner, Cigar Dojo

Website: cigardojo.com
Facebook: facebook.com/CigarDojo
Twitter: @cigardojo
Instagram: cigardojo

I smoke cigars to relax and enjoy time alone or with friends. The passive nature of cigar smoking allows me to clear my mind and take time to smell life’s “roses”. Enjoying a premium hand-rolled cigar is to enjoy something that is truly natural, something which is not over-processed or treated with harsh chemicals. The flavor that is contained within the tobacco leaf is straight from the earth and clearly a gift from God to those that wish to relax, socialize, and enjoy.

Craig Vanderslice

Blogger, Cigar Craig

Website: www.cigarcraig.com
Facebook: facebook.com/craig.vanderslice
Twitter: @cigarcraig
Instagram: cigarcraig

I find a fine cigar to be a relaxing activity at the end of the day. It’s a one or two hour vacation. I love the variety of flavors and the artistry and history of cigars, as well as all the wonderful people I’ve met because of some rolled up leaves.

Tim Rollins

Blogger, Tiny Tim’s Cigar World

Website: tinytimblog.blogspot.com
Facebook: facebook.com/tim.rollins.773
Twitter: @Tiny_Tim

I do it for the flavors. I love sampling new cigars to see what flavors they have. There are some old favorites that I gravitate to because of (this reason). Strength is not as important as the flavors.

Bryan Glynn

Blogger, Cigar Obsession

Website: CigarObsession.com
Facebook: facebook.com/cigarobsession
Twitter: @cigarobsession
Instagram: cigarobsession

To me cigars represent one of life’s finest pleasures, able to calm the mind, excite the senses, and bring together total strangers with a common shared passion. The hobby has an infinite reach around the globe that one can truly spend a lifetime enjoying and exploring, always learning and discovering along the way. For many including myself, the best part are all the wonderful flavors such a simple bundle of rolled up leaves give, expertly blended by those Masters of the industry.

Eric “Siz” Scism

Proprietor, Stogies on the Rocks

Website: www.stogiesontherocks.com
Facebook: facebook.com/StogiesOnTheRocks
Twitter: @stogiesotr_eric

I love cigars because it’s a great way to bring people together. I love getting together with a group of friends that I haven’t seen in a while and we can all sit around the fire, in the garage, or wherever and have a cigar and catch up. Even if someone isn’t really into smoking a cigar they’re more than happy to sit around and spend time with others. I also love the community aspect of going to a lounge and sitting down, more than likely you’re going to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and I love that.

Stephen LaPre Sr

Blogger, Cigar Chairman

Website: CigarChairman.blogspot.com
Twitter: @CigarChairman
Instagram: @CigarChairman

I smoke cigars for several reasons: First, they help relieve stress by causing me to slow down and relax. Another reason is that I enjoy the many different flavors I’m reminded of as I smoke the cigar. There is also the great conversation that always accompanies the enjoyment of cigars with friends and strangers alike.

Franca Comparetto

Creator and Co-founder, Cigar Sense Inc.

Website: www.cigarsense.com
Facebook: facebook.com/cigarsense
Twitter: @CigarSense
Instagram: @CigarSense

“I smoke cigars to help me relax. While I relax, I focus on the cigar and how it stimulates my senses. I am not a social smoker, when I smoke with other people I typically focus on the discussion and waste the cigar. This is why I prefer to do either one or the other, not the two things at the same time, except during knowledge exchange or educational moments. For me the cigar is the object of constant research and its organoleptic aspects are the ones that appeal to me the most. The more I learn about them, the more I realize there is so much that I still need to understand.”

Matt A. Cade

Podcast Host & Cigar Reviewer, Tuesday Night Cigar Club

Website: www.tuesdaynightcigarclub.com
Facebook: facebook.com/tuesdaynightcigarclub
Twitter: @tncccast
Instagram: @tncc_podcast

“For me, cigar smoking is either an intensely selfish or an extremely social undertaking. I think better, clearer, with a premium cigar in my hand so when I’m alone the stogie becomes my momentary best friend and confidant. On the flip side, cigars enhance every gathering of friends I’ve ever been a part of. The aroma, the differing choices of personal favorite brands and the discussions and debates this often leads to… I relish in it all. Cigars bring people together and aid fantastic storytelling better than even the almighty alcohol (which is also remarkably awesome by the way).”

William “Coop” Cooper

Blogger, Cigar Coop

Website: www.cigar-coop.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cigarcoop1
Twitter: Cigar_Coop
Instagram: Cigar_Coop

“Simply put, I smoke cigars because they taste great and provide moments of relaxation.”

Tony Casas

Blogger, Casas Fumando

Website: www.casasfumando.com
Facebook: facebook.com/casasfumando
Twitter: @tonycasas
Instagram: tonycasas

“Honestly, it’s the camaraderie. Whether it’s between BOTL/SOTL’s or friends and family, it’s always been about sharing experience and passions.”

Franklin Gerechter

Blogger, Urban Fishing Pole Cigars

Website: UrbanFishingPoleCigars.com
Facebook: facebook.com/UrbanFishingPoleCigars
Twitter: @FrankGerechter
Instagram: urbanfishingpolecigars
“The name of my website, Urban Fishing Pole Cigars indicates the social aspect of cigar smoking. Good talk, a common bond and the unique taste of each cigar. Loads of fun.”

Hmmmm, maybe we all have a little more in common than we thought? Whether it’s taste or togetherness that keeps you puffing, I think we can all agree that there’s nothing quite like a good cigar. A big “thank you” is in order for all who took the time to answer; be sure to add these fine folks to your list of go-to cigar blogs if they’re not there already.

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