Xikar Volta Quad Torch Tabletop Cigar Lighters

Invented around 1840, table lighters saw a surge in popularity during the late Victorian and early Edwardian eras. The rise of these often decorative, communal lighters coincided with the original “golden age” of cigars, spanning from the late 1870s to around 1915. This particularly inventive and prolific period saw a huge boost in cigar smoking around the globe, making the lighter an important element of social gatherings. Boasting an especially large flame, and sometimes multiple flames, table lighters allowed for a quick and thorough light and, when placed in a central location, were great for accommodating groups. While less common today, a good table lighter still makes for a classy utility in any smoking space, and modern technology has made these classic party lighters more convenient than ever. Enter: the Xikar Volta Quad Tabletop Lighter.

Xikar Volta Quad Tabletop Lighter – Daytona Red

The tabletop lighter of the future, Xikar’s Volta packs four powerful jet flames into a compact cylindrical unit with a polished, modern appearance. These high-performance table torches feature an easy-to-use oversized flame adjustment wheel and a huge oversized ignition button that makes lighting up a breeze for the whole crew. As an added bit of innovation, the Volta features a camera aperture-inspired lid that protects the quad burners, keeping debris out with a simple twist of the top cap.

Available in five distinct finishes, the Volta adds handsome sophistication to any cigar room. Grab yours now and get ready to entertain, impress, and enjoy.

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