La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo

Handmade using the rarest of tobacco leaves, the La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo harnesses the power of the mighty and elusive Medio Tiempo tobacco leaf. Medio Tiempo leaves only occur in the strongest tobacco plants. Only about 1/10 plants grow these two above their ligero primings. When exposed to direct sunlight, these rare top-priming leaves grow to become the thickest and most potent leaves on the plant, exuding dark, rich, and complex taste. The La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo uses lush Medio Tiempo leaves from Connecticut Habano tobacco plants grown in the Connecticut River Valley under a US Broadleaf binder and Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper to deliver a rush of bold flavor with a distinct character all of its own. Experience this exceptional smoke at the world’s lowest prices now.

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La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo / La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo Cigars