Montecristo Epic

A few degrees stronger than your usual Montecristo cigar, and far more complex, the Montecristo Epic provides an engaging and flavorful journey for the well-traveled palate. Boasting a wealth of rich tasting notes with nuances of cocoa, coffee, nuts, fruit, and caramel, all through a precise burn and clean draw, the Montecristo Epic keeps things interesting from light to nub. Every "classic" cigar brand is putting out a cigar to "update" their image these days, but none have come even close to the awesomeness of Montecristo Epic.



Price Per Stick

4" - 6" (2)
6" - 8" (2)

86 to 90 (2)
91 to 95 (1)

50 - 54 (2)
55 - 60 (1)

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