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Ambrosia Cigars

Drew Estate is a name that seemingly came out of nowhere in the cigar industry. Hailing from New York City, Drew Estate has become one of the top sellers in the industry after producing consecutive quality products. Drew Estate has made it’s name creating cigars with ideas that are unheard of. After the overwhelming success of their ACID and Natural lines, a new idea was brewing at Drew Estate. Drew Estate was approached with the idea of using spices from South Asia and Europe to create a unique blend. Ambrosia was born out of this idea, and Drew Estate hasn’t looked back. It was launched in 2002, only three years after ACID was introduced at the RTDA show.

Ambrosia is a unique cigar, in that almost every box in the line contains a different wrapper. Although most of the cigars in the Ambrosia line have drastically different wrappers, they all contain the same consistent quality. Ambrosia cigars consist of blending the Southeast Asian and European spices with vintage Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Each individual Ambrosia cigar is aged for four months. After the aging process, the cigars are placed in cedar cabinets for 45 days, which allows for the spiced flavor to be enhanced.

The five sizes in the Ambrosia line are: Nectar, Mother Earth, Triple Corona, Spice, Vann Reef, and the Clove Tiki cigarillos. Ambrosia cigars come in boxes of 24, except for the Clove Tiki which comes in 5 tins of 10. The 5 x 42 Nectar has a Connecticut wrapper. Mother Earth shares the same Connecticut wrapper, but is a 6 x 50. The 7 x 50 Triple Corona utilizes a wine and spiced rum-soaked Sumatra wrapper. The Torpedo shaped Spice has the same Sumatra wrapper, but is a 6 x 54. The Van Reef has a rich Cameroon wrapper, and is a 5 x 50. The Clove Tiki, the only cigarillo in the Ambrosia line, is a 4 x 32 and has a mild Connecticut wrapper. Experience the phenomenon that is Drew Estate and buy a box of Ambrosia today.

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