Avanti Cigars are dry-cured anisette flavored Italian-style cheroots machine-made in Scranton Pennsylvania. Mild in body and full in bold, aromatic flavor, Avanti Continentals are an American Classic.

From the Avanti website:

All cigars are only as good as the tobaccos that go into the blend.

That's why we buy only the best that Tennessee and Kentucky have to offer. Our blend consists of tobaccos from these two states and from nowhere else. We choose these tobaccos because they are known for their robust, hearty flavor. Other cigars use some of these expensive tobaccos in their blend, but ours is the only cigar that is made exclusively from tobaccos grown in Tennessee and Kentucky.

The tobaccos are planted in May and are harvested in September, when the farmers hang the leaves in their barns until late January. During the time when the tobaccos are in the barns, they are exposed to the smoke from select Hickory logs smoldering on the barn floor. This is known as fire curing. Curing, in cigar parlance, is a way of slowly removing 85% of the moisture from the leaves. Removing the moisture makes the tobaccos easier to handle, and they burn more evenly when they are rolled into cigars.

The curing process also permits the leaves to go through a fermentation stage. Fermentation removes the harshness from the tobaccos, thereby making the tobaccos mellow and flavorful.

Our cigars are made of 100% tobacco!

Unlike a lot of cigars made in this country, we do not use a homogenized binder in our cigars. Each and every cigar is made of natural tobaccos. Nothing yet invented has been able to replace the fine flavor of choice tobaccos. It is much more costly for us to make our cigars without any synthetic tobacco, but it's the only way we believe our cigars should be made.

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