Backwoods Honey Berry Pack Of 40 Small Packs: 40 Cigarillos
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Backwoods Honey Berry Pack Of 40

From: Backwoods Item #: 29642
Small Packs: 40 Cigarillos
In Stock
$56.40 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 40 Cigars
Diameter 32 Ring
Flavor Honey Berry
Length 4 1/2 Inches
Origin Puerto Rico
Packaging Small Packs
Shape Regular
Strength Mellow
Wrapper Natural

Backwoods cigars are known for their unique structure. The frayed end, tapered body, and unfinished head are part of the classic Backwoods smoking experience. Their honey berry variety has become a favorite among Backwoods' flavored cigarillos, and among machine-made cigars in general.

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My regular orders of bAckwoods Honey Berry

I have always had fast delivery and fresh product. Your reps make it fast and easy to order.

By Thomas on May 6, 2024

By Eddie on Mar 28, 2024


Really good cigars,tasty but they have no consistency in wrapping with hard stems inside

By Ron on Feb 15, 2024

By Ken on Jan 9, 2024

Great value!

We had been ordering from other sites and Best Cigar is now our favorite. Great price and fast arrival!

By Angela on Dec 20, 2023

By Bryan on Dec 5, 2023

By Key on Nov 14, 2023

Great all around cigars!!!

Complete even burn, great aftertaste and smell!

By Rolando on Oct 31, 2023

By Tom on Sep 25, 2023


The best cigars in a 5 pack!

By Steven on Sep 5, 2023

Fast, Inexpensive Great Quality

The title sums it up. Repeat customer.

By christopher on Aug 25, 2023

By matt on Aug 22, 2023

Perfect Little Cigar

Tasty, Just perfect while relaxing on the deck each evening. My wife LOVES the smell!!

By Tommy on Jul 20, 2023

Best Prices

Loved the price and item exactly as I've smoked before.

By Joyce on Jul 11, 2023

Great Value!

1/2 price over gas station pricing. Everything else is the same, well packaged, fast delivery!

By Rick on Jun 29, 2023

Better than other web sites

Is is hit or miss each cigar is different some very dark others very light.

By Christina on Jun 15, 2023

Good cigars at good price

Nice tasting cigars.

By Jeff on Apr 12, 2023

By Ali on Mar 20, 2023

My backwoods honey berry purchases

I've been ordering on line for some time. I have only one concern. Some step in the process has caused damage to the cigar wrapper leaves. This happens to at least a few in every order.
I would like to see the word fragile on the shipping box.
I don't feel it is always in shipping. Some packages have damage when the box is in the center of the shipping box.
That being said now the positives. To me and my taste this is the best cigar by far.
The people at best cigar are top notch, easy to deal with and nice. To this I say thank you, excellent experience.
The ordering process is simple fast and always correct. Again you stand above other companies in all industries.
Best cigar prices does it right in taking care of the customer. The rest of America should take a look.
I appreciate the fine people and company.
Tony G.

By Tony on Mar 2, 2023

Backwoods Honey Berry

great cigars at a great price easy ordering shipping could be a little faster

By Darren on Feb 21, 2023


Great cigar if you don’t have a lot of time

By jeanne on Feb 21, 2023


Order is shipped in a timely manner

By Randy on Feb 19, 2023


Best Value & Best Service on the Internet

By Michael on Feb 2, 2023

By Wayne on Jan 26, 2023

By Chonnatapat on Dec 15, 2022

Backwoods Honey Berry

These Backwoods-Honey Berry cigars are the most mild and best smelling cigars I have ever smoked. The packs that come from BestCigarPrices have been the freshest tasting!

By Ellen on Nov 1, 2022


Great prices, Shipping, Lightning Delivery, best place to buy em,,, Rock~On

By Dennis on Aug 23, 2022

By Ronald on Aug 12, 2022

By Michelle on May 3, 2022

Awesome company

Great product, Service and fast shipping. Overall great company.

By Andrew on Mar 31, 2022

Great product

Best prices

By John on Feb 15, 2022

Like it

By Touni on Feb 9, 2022

Great Place to order products

Very responsive, orders ship accurately and quickly. Thank you!!

By Byron on Feb 2, 2022

By Jason on Jan 21, 2022

Honey Berry Backwoods

Honey Berry Backwoods have a great taste for a great price!

By Gillian on Jan 11, 2022

Honey Berry Backwoods

I have bought this product in gas stations and there is always something wrong with the pack. But ever since I have been buying them from best I have had no problems. Thank you! You will have a customer forever!

By Jan on Nov 30, 2021

Best of the backwoods

smooth fresh taste, the best of the backwoods

By Beth on Sep 7, 2021

Not harsh

Backwards in their class is the best you can buy for money.

By Thomas on Mar 18, 2021

The best

Absolutely the best price out there. Wish they had a subscription.

By Katie on Feb 2, 2021

HONEY BERRY Backwoods.

Over priced

By harold on Nov 19, 2020

Backwoods Honey Berry Pack Of 40 4 1/2 x 32—Small Packs: 40 Cigarillos

Backwoods Honey Berrys are the best tasting cigars I have found. I don't always smoke them; they're so tasty that oftentimes I just chew on them for hours. Best Cigars has the best prices for this hard-to-find brand and usually has them in stock. They ship quickly and offer a rewards program that helps me save money, Try this company and these cigars for a satisfaction-guaranteed'll be glad you did. Nick R.

By Nicholas on Nov 3, 2020

Best Sweet Flavor Smoke

Best Sweet Flavor Smoke for Your Money!

By Craig on Oct 29, 2020

Best cigar prices I breed them a five received my items in very good timing priced reasonable no problems at all I would totally recommend buying from this company

Best cigar prices I breed them a five received my items in very good timing priced reasonable no problems at all I would totally recommend buying from this company

By samantha on Oct 15, 2020

This cigars are the best flavor!

By Rose on Sep 29, 2020

Quick smoke

Honey Berry Backwoods are a great tasting machine rolled cigarillos. For a quick smoke and pleasant aroma, these are some of the best for the price. Only co.plaint is in a few instances they will be badly rolled, have holes in the wrapper or dried out.

By Michael on Aug 27, 2020

By Lynn on Jun 27, 2020


good flavor and held up while smoking

By joe on Feb 25, 2020

Backwoods Honey Berry

These are my favorite. Nice and smooth with a sweet honey Berry taste.

By Rick on Feb 18, 2020

The return of the Backwoods!

OK backwoods are back rising up from the wreckage of the Hurricane. I do notice a change. they either are more tightly wrapped or the filler is less. they are thinner than pre-hurricane Backwoods. they are still flavorful though! they smoke a little quicker now?

By Pete on Nov 14, 2019

Best price for Backwoods sweets

I most definitely will be buying more Backwoods sweets from you guys thanks again have a wonderful day

By Hal on Oct 24, 2019

By John on Oct 3, 2019

Backwoods Cigar Review

Adequate for my needs and price range.

By Nelson on Sep 5, 2019

By Thaer on Aug 27, 2019

Backwoods Honey Berry

Great Tasting little cigar!!!!

By George on Jul 30, 2019


Not as good Goodtimes version. Much more pricey an unavailable than Goodtimes.

By Daniel on Apr 11, 2019

Good Cigars with nice taste

Probably my favorite tasting Backwoods cigars...
Took a while to receive as all orders were back-ordered, but definitely a nice cigar for the value

By Sean on Jul 24, 2018


I was very satisfied with the quality of the cigars, they are always fresh and tasty

By Jason on Apr 24, 2018

By Cleonie on Apr 3, 2018

Honey berry

Great price awesome product,

By Daniel on Mar 6, 2018

Honey berry

great draw, good everyday cigar . everyone around you loves the smell

By Andrew on Feb 28, 2018

By William on Feb 15, 2018

BackWoods Honey Berry cigars

I enjoy smoking the Honey Berry cigars more than any other cigar. Its exceptional flavor and perfect size allows for a timely smoke when you don't have over a hour to smoke. Purchasing from BCP has always given me the best price on the internet. This last order was only complicated by the lenghly back order.

By JOHN on Feb 6, 2018

By Dominique on Jan 18, 2018

Honey Berry

Good flavored coffee cigar before serious smoking.

By Ron on Jan 4, 2018

By Sam on Dec 6, 2017

Damn Good

What bad can be said about this cigar that is flavorful, pleasant to smoke, and will get you compliments about the aroma instead of complaints. Only one thing, every time I place an order they are one back order. Best Cigar Prices saves me a ton of money on these, but only when they have them. It's not your fault, when you are out, everybody is out, just wish something could be done about the supply.

By Fredrick on Oct 19, 2017

Impressed, however...

Great to Good smoke. However,could use a bit more attn. too quality control. Still good though. Ty. Cc.

By CC on Sep 22, 2017

Backwoods my favorite

Backwoods from bestcigarprices are always fresh and very consistent.

By Victor on Sep 7, 2017

By George on Aug 2, 2017

If it aint a backwood it aint all that good!

My grandpa used to smoke these. I must have his same taste buds because these cigars are smooth and tasty. Don't waste your money at the corner store, get them here at the best price!

By Garrett on Jul 18, 2017

Likes them but likes the honey ones better

By Paula on Jun 8, 2017

Best Little Cigars

I love these cigars whether you smoke or just chew um.

By Greg on Apr 27, 2017

By Anthony on Apr 25, 2017


OK but not good

By Sheroll on Apr 20, 2017

By Dale on Apr 7, 2017

Favorite cigar

Backwoods is probably the best cigar I have ever had

By Jeff on Mar 27, 2017



By Terry on Mar 7, 2017

Backwoods honey berry

My order took 6 days for international shipping and everything was perfect how I wanted it

By Jahquile on Jan 18, 2017

Smooth & Mild

Me and all my buddies smoke these cigars. They are so smooth and mild they do not offend anybody sitting around us. Great cigars for the price!

By Kimberly on Dec 29, 2016

Great Bargain

Arrived as described. No more trips to the store . Thank you BCP's

By Paul on Dec 29, 2016

Good economical option. For flavor cigars.

By Luis on Dec 6, 2016

Great Deal!

Best prices I could find on the internet. Same great quality every time!

By Brian on Mar 22, 2016

Berry review

a mild good tasting cigar

By ernest on Jul 2, 2015

Great cigars

I love backwoods cigars.

By david on Jun 18, 2015


Love this brand!

By Melinda on Oct 10, 2014

Nice cheapy! Smells great!

These are my everyday cigars, they're all natural tobacco, super smooth, and they smell awesome! No these aren't your type of cigars you pull out at a wedding or anything, but nice smelling cigars that get job done and taste great! Give them a shot!

By Marshall on Apr 1, 2014

Backwoods Honey Berry Pack Of 40 is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 86 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

what are the dimensions and weight of a unit includes 8 packs of 5 cigars ?

It is 0.4 lbs. 4.5 X 6 x 3 inches

By Vadim on May 18, 2021

Is it 40 packs of 5 or 40 cigars total

These are 8 packs of 5 cigars.

By Charniece on Feb 3, 2021

Do you shipped to Germany?

Thank you for your question. Yes we do ship to Germany. If you are on our website and click on the help button located on the upper right hand side of the screen, it will take you to our help and support page. On the far left hand side you will see a list of browse help categories. Select international and it will give you instructions on how to place an order with us. I hope that this has satisfactorily answered your question. Thank you!

By Luc on Jan 5, 2016