Yuengling-Dogs1What Cigars go with what Beers?

This is an age old question,  it’s the type of relaxing discussion that one enjoys on a hot summer night.   What beer goes best with what cigar?

Being a Pennsylvania-based company,  we have a tendency to enjoy Yuengling, a beer brewed in Pottsville, PA. It comes from the oldest Brewery in the United States.  The beer’s popularity within most of the Northeastern Part of the United States is so strong that if you ask for a lager without specifying a brand name, the bar tender typically will hand you a Yuengling.

However a Yuengling isn’t just a beer, it’s a lager.  So the cigar we are matching it up with should be appropriate for that type of drink.

You’d think a stronger type of cigar would most likely match up with a Yuengling,  so doing some research over the holiday weekend, we came up with a few types of cigars that would make the most sense.

beer cigars

The Flavor Route:

A : La Capitana Gigante No. 4 Cigars – Boldly flavorful with notes of cocoa, citrus, and spice, the complex profile of La Capitana goes great with the smooth taste of a cold Yuengling.

B : Hopz 538 Cigars – If you’ve been looking for the perfect cigar to pair with a nice, hoppy brew, Hopz cigars were made with you in mind.  These cigars are usually enjoyed with a good beer, which tends to enhance the flavor of both.

beer cigars2

The Region Route:

A:  De Nobili Toscani Longs Cigars are not only made in Pennsylvania , but they are made in the same region as Yuengling. These would be considered the low end option as they are machine made and dry cured, but don’t rule them out based on price: These have a very distinctive taste compared to most cigars on the market thanks to a  mellow, medium-bodied blend of 100% dark-fire-cured Kentucky and Tennessee tobaccos.

B : Carlos Torano Vault D-042 Torpedo Cigars – This was selected as the #2 option, not so much because of it’s strength, but because it’s rated 91 by Cigar Insider and it contains tobacco from Pennsylvania for a complete Pennsylvania experience when paired with the local lager.

These are just a few suggestions for creating the perfect  Yuengling/cigar experience. Selecting the perfect Cigar to go with the perfect beer while relaxing on the deck on a hot summer night is an art in itself, what are some of your favorite beer/cigar pairings?

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