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5 Pack Attack

Everybody loves 5-packs—they’re a cheap way to try a new stogie, since you don’t have to invest in a full box but still get enough to give them multiple tries and compare notes with your smoking buddies as well. You guys clearly enjoyed the first 5-Pack Attack, so much so that we have decided to make it a monthly event.

March’s 5-Pack Attack includes big names like Rocky Patel, Padron Anniversario, Arturo Fuente Añejos, and our very own exclusives, San Marco by Camacho and Prodigy by Rocky Patel, among many, many others. This is the perfect chance to try some new smokes without committing to a box, or just a great way to stock up on your favorites. Many of these 5-packs are marked down so low that the stick price is lower than they’d be in a full box, so load up now or you’ll have to wait another month!