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5 Pack Attack!

It’s that time again—what time, you ask? Time for another 5-PACK ATTACK! If you’re not familiar with our monthly 5-Pack Attack specials, let me break it down for you. Every month, for a limited time, we take HUGE discounts (up to $10!) off of some of our most bestselling 5-packs to make it easier for you, our beloved customers, to try out some new stogies.

This month’s edition features 5-packs from brand new lines like Alec Bradley American Classic and Java Mint, along with old standbys like Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970, Acid, and Perdomo Lot 23. We’ve also discounted 5-packs from some of our ever-popular exclusive brands, including Star Insignia by Alec Bradley and Revolución by Perdomo, so this is the perfect time to see what BestCigarPrices is all about!

As we’ve learned from the success of our past 5-Pack Attacks, these deals ravage our humidor shelves, so get some 5-packs of your favorite stogies while they’re still in stock!