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5 Pack Attack

It’s happened to all of us before—you read a review of a cigar that’s described as a religious experience, but you can’t justify throwing away the big bucks for a box of cigars you haven’t tried yet. Thankfully, there’s the 5-Pack Attack! For a limited time, we’re offering huge discounts on premium 5-packs.

That’s right—we’re knocking up to 33% off of some of our best 5-packs, including some big names like Arturo Fuente Hemingway, Camacho, Gran Habano Azteca, Medici, and the legendary Padron Aniversario! This is your ultimate chance to try some of the most popular items in affordable 5-packs, or to stock up on some great stogies for cheap. Did I mention the Padron Aniversario?!

In fact, after our generous discounts, many of these 5-packs are cheaper per stick than they would be in a full box. We can’t afford to keep this one going for too long, so stock up before we come to our senses!