Making Use of Empty Cigar Boxes

When individuals finish their boxes of wonderful cigars,  all that is left is the empty cigar box. Many of these cigar boxes are made of sturdy wood  and are quite stylish. People become imaginative, we have heard that here are some common uses. Many cigar boxes are roughly 1/2 the size of a shoe box, which is roomy enough to store many things that typically get lost within a home. People typically want to know how to recycle these sturdy perfect sized boxes. We have included 9 ideas that we do ourselves, or that we discovered people use to recycle their empty cigar boxes. Some of these are ideas are simple, literally just re-task the box. However others might be more robust, but allow for far more uses of the cigar box rather than just storage.

Aging Room cigar boxes

Aging Room

1 – Stylish Storage for Remote Controls. Rather than having remotes laying all over the room, now they reside in a cigar box.

2 – Stationary such as pens, pencils, post it notes typically all fit within a cigar box. (photo found on Pinterest)

3 – Pet treats can easily fit within a cigar box (just make sure it’s located where your pets cannot reach it).
4 – Stacks of business cards can fit within most cigar boxes.
5 –  Monitor Stands are perfect uses of cigar boxes. For example this is a photo of my workstation while I am typing this post. Notice how perfect the cigar boxes are in this instance?
cigar boxes
6 – One of the best uses of cigar boxes are cigar box guitars! Here are some that we found on Wikipedia. This is a popular pastime, and if you are inclined for such endeavors it could be rewarding.

cigar box guitar

7 –  Cigar boxes can be used as a shelf, or chest of drawers. (image found on Cafe Cartolina blog)


8 – One of the more innovative uses of a cigar box was as a speaker (Found on Wired Magazine). Now you can assemble one of these for fairly inexpensive and if done correctly will both look and sound impressive.


9 –  My personal Favorite for Cigar Boxes is for gift giving! (Image found on Celebrations at home blog). The reason this is my favorite is because this allows for multiple boxes to exit your home without tossing it into a landfill, while giving someone a really cool gift!



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