United Cigar Announces the Perfect Cigar Series for the Baseball Season

Update: on March 22, 2021, United Cigars announced that the “Green Monstah” cigar would be cancelled due to trademark discrepancies.

Opening day for the MLB is almost here, and United Cigar has the perfect gift for baseball fans. They’ve announced a collaboration with Asylum that will pay homage to some of the most beloved ball parks in the game. They’re calling it their Stadium Series.

Better yet, we already know about the first entry in this series: The Green Monstah. As the name (and the unique spelling of “monster”) implies, this cigar is an ode to Boston’s Fenway Park. Of course, as a cigar named after Fenway’s iconic green wall, The Green Monstah features a luscious, verdant candela wrapper. It will begin shipping to stores March 22.

If you aren’t a Red Sox fan—no need to fear. There are still other entries planned down the line for the Stadium Series. According to United Cigar’s director of operations, Oliver Nivaud, “The sounds at the ballpark have always been a part of my spring…Fenway Park is my holy cathedral, but we have a few more stadiums in mind for this stadium series.”

You heard it here, baseball fans. Ease up on the peanuts and crackerjacks to make sure you have some money tucked away for a box of these beauties. With any luck, there will be an entry for your favorite team, complete with tasty smokes and a must-save cigar box.

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