With football season here and the weather changing we know that now more than ever you’ll be spending more and more time in your man cave. What better way to whip that man cave into shape than accessorizing it with the best ashtrays, accessories, and other assorted trimmings BCP has to offer!

No-Ash Cigar Ashtray from Ashton – Everyone needs an ashtray and an ashtray that swears to keep your ashes all in one spot is a good thing. The No Ash Cigar Ashtray stands 2′ high and accommodates up to an 8-inch-wide ashtray. This stand even comes with its own white Ashton cigars ashtray.

Rocky Patel Circulos Ashtray – Adding a bit of class and a touch of sophistication makes every man cave shine a little brighter. The all new Rocky Patel Circulos Ashtray is the way to go. These heavy-duty glass ashtrays feature an iconic Rocky Patel logo inlay and can accommodate as many as 8 cigars.

Lotus Cuban Vista Collection American Glory Lighter – Another must have item for your man space is a lighter that guarantees to get the job done. The Lotus American Glory Chrome lighter is part of an exclusive collection of limited edition cigar accessories that feature unique artwork. This lighter features a hand painted “American Glory” design and has a double wind resistant torch flame, a fuel level window, integrated 8mm punch and single action ignition.

Craftsman’s Bench Executive Series Taj Majal Humidor- A classic desktop humidor works best in a mantuary, or a male sanctuary. A humidor like the exotic Burled Brailwood fits right in. These rustic looking humidors have a high gloss sheen to give them a touch of class and are perfect for keeping all your stogies fresh and in one safe place.

U.S. Air Force Steel Cigar Cutter – Pay tribute to our United States Armed Forces and cut your cigars properly with the United States Air Force Steel Cigar Cutter. This is the perfect cutter to show your support and keep handy for your stogie needs.

Accessorize your man-cave with only the best, from Best Cigar Prices!

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