Aging Room Cigars by Rafael Nodal (video)

One of the most well received brands in the cigar industry today,  Aging Room cigars feature numerous blends with 90+ ratings and the 2013 #2 cigar of the year, the F55. Here, Rafael Nodal explains the genesis of this unique, boutique blend.


Hi my name is Rafael Nodal from Aging Room, Swag, Boutique Blend Cigars. A few years ago, I was making cigars. And we knew we needed something different, because my passion had always been cigars that have a lot of character to it. And it was not always easy to find.

So we decided to create our first release with Swag Puro Dominicano. And when we were creating the Swag, we came across a blend. It was fantastic, but we didn’t have enough tobacco for regular production and we set it aside. We continued with the production of Swag Puro Dominicano. But in 2007 we were looking for a new release and we came out with Aging Room.

I have two cigars that I have done for the Swag, and the blend that we didn’t use, we put in our humidor in our aging room and whenever someone went to our factory, they’ll say, “Raf, let me have one of your cigars from the aging room.” And that’s how the Aging Room came about.

The Aging Room, my first release, was the M356. An unbelievable cigar, a small batch, all tobacco from a single farm. And it was well received not only by smokers and critics alike, it received a 94 and 95 by Cigar Aficionado. It was one of the best top cigars of 2011.

Well, when you have a good cigar like that, what do you do next? Well, I have to tell you, we were extremely lucky to work very hard and come out with a new release, which was my Aging Room Quattro F55. This cigar is box pressed and it has all tobacco from the Dominican Republic, from our farms, but it has a wrapper from the Sumatra Island in Indonesia. And that cigar, as you might hear by now, it made number two cigar, 2013, by Cigar Aficionado and is, actually, the highest rated cigar in United States, since the first cigar’s not legally available in the United States.

And then, our next release, we were looking for something that was not as strong as a full-body, and we came out with my Aging Room Havao. So the whole idea with Aging Room is fine flavors, fine different characters of the small boutique blends, the small batches, that are not tobacco for your regular big corporations, big multinational productions.

So I invite you to try one of my Aging Room. If you like a stronger, a lot more full-bodied, the Aging Room M356. If you want a cigar that will give you a medium-body that has a sophisticated smoking experience, then that’s my Aging Room Quattro box pressed.  Fantastic cigar. And if you’re looking for a mellow-bodied cigar but, again, has a lot of flavor, that’s my Aging Room Havao.

In any of my cigars what you will find is character, and aroma, and a lot of flavor. I hope you enjoy my line here on BestCigarPrices.

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