Alec Bradley Renames “Dirty Hooligan” the “Filthy Hooligan”

Last week Alec Bradley announced their new Black Market Dirty Hooligan. While everyone was excited about this limited cigar, there was a slight bump in the road.

The “Dirty Hooligan” has been renamed “Filthy Hooligan” to smooth over a slight issue with Drew Estate. Alec Bradley owner, Alan Rubin, told Cigar Aficionado that the product rename was a gesture to longtime friend Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate.

“I had to make a decision that was based on integrity,” Rubin explained to Cigar Aficionado. According to Rubin, Jonathan Drew sent him a message explaining that the word “Dirty” was an important part of marketing for several Drew Estate products. Rubin and the rest of the staff at Alec Bradley decided to get rid of “Dirty” in the name earlier this week.

“The product is good enough to sell on its own, no matter what we called it,” said Rubin.

Branding on these new cigars was already well on its way so to change labels, boxes and apparel, there will definitely be financial repercussions. Rubin appreciates and thinks highly of his relationship with Drew Estate so making a few last minute changes was not a big deal.

The cigars themselves will stay the same however the packaging to reflect the new name will be switched around. These unique smokes will retail for $176 for a box of 22 cigars and are very limited, with only 2,000 boxes being released. The “Filthy Hooligan” will be available in March, just before St. Patrick’s Day.

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