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Bahia Bundle Bargains

When I hear a name like Bahia, I immediately think premium Nicaraguan cigars, unfortunately at premium prices. As you well know, will do anything to beat the competition, so we offer you our sale on Bahia Seleccion bundles. The stick price is right around what you’d pay for a bottle of soda—as low as $1.80—and bundles of 20 start at $35.95. These fine smokes are available in a sweet, spicy Sumatra, creamy, smooth Connecticut, or robust Habano wrapper. Bahia’s signature blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler is toasty and spicy without being harsh or overpowering—these are truly premium bundled cigars.

You probably think we’re insane for offering these fantastic cigars at such a low price, and we might agree with you. The bottom line is that these are some of the best bundled cigars you can find, and we’re offering them at the lowest price around. Our normal pricing on these things gets as high as , so this is a deal you absolutely do not want to miss. So what are you waiting for? Grab a few of these and save yourself some money on great smokes!