Bahia Gold bundle blow out!

Bahia is well known for being one of the top boutique manufacturers in Nicaragua. They make a number of different tasty blends, but their flagship line is the Bahia Gold Label. This is a rich, strong smoke comprised of a Dominican Ligero triple-fermented filler and a rich Dominican binder. This concoction is capped off by an oily Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper that gives this smoke a Cuban-esque spicy flavor. In addition to the spice this one also delivers a nutty and woody flavor with some hints of chocolate. These strong smokes have gotten praise from critics and amateur aficionados alike, even drawing comparisons to Opus X and other heavy-hitter Nicaraguan cigars!

This delicious premium typically sells in the $8-10 range at a B&M and the quality delivered makes it worth every penny and more. Here at BCP, we usually sell these in boxes for around $6 each, helping you out with the usual BCP discount. However, a few weeks ago we got one of those calls we love to receive – that we have a chance to buy a great smoke in big-time quantities without those fancy boxes that just cost extra without adding any flavor! We loaded up big on these bundles of Bahia Gold, they’re the same premium smokes you’re used to getting in boxes, but since you’re not spending your hard-earned dough on some wood you’re going to toss out anyways you’ll get an even better deal than you’re used to. Today these delicious Nicaraguans are selling for as little as $4.50 per stick, or around half of what it would cost you to walk out of a B&M and fire it up. Dollar for dollar it’s awful tough to get cigars of this stature this cheap, so stock up while our supplies last. We bought a whole bunch to get such a good deal, but with this big of a discount I won’t be surprised to see each and every one disappear. Grab one before they go.

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