Drew Estate Donates $50k to Cigars for Warriors in Their Barn Smoker

EDIT: Drew Estate announced on November 3 that they will be cancelling their virtual Barn Smoker.

Drew Estate hosted its first Barn Smoker event in 2014. It brought cigar lovers to a tobacco farm in Hopkinsville, KY, giving them the opportunity to sample local food, spirits and, of course, cigars. More importantly, these Barn Smoker events are the venue at which Drew Estate donates to Operation: Cigars for Warriors (CFW). CFW is a charity organization that gives deployed troops a taste of comfort while away from home, donating boutique coffees, cigars, and accessories.

Now in its seventh year, Drew Estate’s Barn Smoker faces its greatest challenge to date: a pandemic. Thankfully, they aren’t throwing in the towel on such a worthwhile cause just yet. The 2020 Barn Smoker, which was initially slated for locations in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Florida, is now going digital. The event will be available for adults to stream via Drew Estate’s Facebook page on November 14 free of charge, and tickets sold will be refunded. As noted by Drew Estate’s CEO, Glenn Wolfson:

“While Covid-19 has seriously impacted all of us, it has had a tremendous effect on charitable contributions worldwide, but the missions these charities serve have not diminished…With gratitude to these brave men and women serving overseas, Drew Estate is proud to support Cigars for Warriors and we encourage everyone to consider donating their cigars, time, or money to this worthwhile charity.”

It is worth mentioning that Drew Estate has also donated more than 150,000 cigars to CFW to date. However, in 2016, the FDA prohibited cigar companies from donating cigars to charitable causes. Since it still allows cigar companies to donate money, Drew Estate has stepped up to provide monetary support instead. Along with their $50,000 donation and raffled items, a portion of every Barn Smoker ticket sold (before the virtual announcement) will also go towards CFW.

Be sure to keep your calendar clear on Saturday, November 14, because this is sure to be an entertaining streaming event that supports a great cause.

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