BCP Longest Ash Photo Contest

  Any seasoned cigar smoker knows that a nice thick ash is a tell-tale sign of a quality cigar. Personally, I always keep an eye on my ash while smoking, and I find it kind of entertaining, taking note of how long it gets before finally dropping off.

But enough about my ashes, lets talk about yours. Starting today we will be accepting entries for our first ever BCP Longest Ash Photo Contest! It’s simple – all you have to do is send us a picture of you smoking a stogie with a massive ash and you could win a box of our exclusive premium cigars, a Stinky Cigar ashtray, and more! First place will be awarded to the submission with the longest ash, but don’t worry, second and third place both win some awesome stuff.


There are some rules, so lets get that out of the way:

1.  We want to see Premium Handmade Cigars only. It can be any brand, size or shape as long as it is a handmade stogie. This excludes cigarillos, small cigars, and machine-made cigars.


2.  Your stogie must be lit, and still burning at the time of the photo with the ash shot next to a ruler for verification of length. (see photo example above)


3. Absolutely no photoshopped, doctored or otherwise altered images will be accepted, and yes, we will be able to tell.



4.  Submissions will ONLY be accepted at the following email address: marketing@blog.bestcigarprices.com


5.  Contest deadline is January 7th 2012. All submissions must be in by no later than this date.


Prizes are as follows:

1st Prize : Your choice of one full box of any of the following exclusive brands: Kensington Connecticut Reserve by Alec Bradley, Prodigy by Rocky Patel, Bella Torres Nicaraguan Selection by Habana Cuba, Star Insignia by Alec Bradley, Medici by Alec Bradley, Tempus Robolo by Alec Bradley, or San Marco by Camacho, and one Original Stinky Cigar 4-cigar Ashtray.


2nd Prize: One BCP Full-house sampler and one BestCigarPrices Ashtray by Xikar


3rd Prize: $20.00 BCP Gift Certificate good towards any purchase with BestCigarPrices.com


So now, all you have to do is get to puffin’, and show us your ash for your chance to take home some smokin’ hot stogies and accessories, courtesy of your friends at BCP!



*All standard shipping rules apply to all participants* See below:

* Please Note that we do not ship to NY addresses at this time
WARNING: BestCigarPrices does not sell cigars or tobacco related products to anyone under the age of 18, nor do we sell cigarettes. In AK, AL, NJ and UT you must be 19 to purchase tobacco products.


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