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BCP News Brief: Gran Habano Announces Opening Of “Calle Ocho” Factory

Gran Habano has announced the opening of the new G.R. Tabacaleras Co. cigar factory, located on 8th street, known to locals as “Calle Ocho”, in the Little Havana district of Miami. According to a statement from Gran Habano, as reported by, the new facility will serve as base of operations for a new cigar line called “Gran Habano Miami”, which will debut with the soon-to-be-released Black Corojo, and Opium Miami blends. The Black Corojo will be a line extension for the highly successful Corojo #5 line, and will be the first cigar ever to feature a black Corojo wrapper leaf, while the Opium Miami will be a regular-production continuation of the popular, but previously limited Opium release. To ensure top quality and consistency, production in the factory will be limited to 10 Cuban rollers who will produce no more than 1000 cigars per day.

Others plans for the new building include a custom blend lab, called G.A.R. deli, which will allow customers to create unique cigar blends tailored to suit their individual palates, and a luxury cigar lounge and humidor, open to the public, that will feature Gran Habano cigars that have not been widely available in the past, such as the#5 lancero, and the Cabinet Selection. As longtime fans of Gran Habano, we are excited to see their expansion as a company, and also look forward to sampling the new blends as they become available. Keep an eye out, and with any luck these hot new releases will be hitting our humidor sometime in the near future.