New Cigar Accessories from Ancora Available Soon

What happens when you combine classic design and innovative features? Ancora has shown us the answer with the Executive line of their humidors and ashtrays. These sharp, sophisticated accessories have a professional aesthetic while still managing to ooze style. Let’s take a closer look at this collection from Ancora, a unique Ferio Tego brand.


Judging by the exterior of these humidors, it could be easy to assume they provide basic, no-frills cigar storage. On the contrary, there are some surprises under the lid of Ancora Executive humidors. For starters, their generous size allows room for Churchills and Double Coronas where similar humidors fall short. If that wasn’t enough, the interior has a lucite lining that eliminates the need for seasoning. Whether you’re looking for a good humidor for someone new to cigars, or just hate the process of seasoning, this feature is huge.


The Ancora Executive ashtray makes for the perfect complement to any smoke room. No matter what your interior décor looks like, there’s an ashtray for you. These trays are available in four distinct finishes, each with a stunning aluminum base. You can also purchase a removable grid top separately to rest multiple cigars in the ashtray in the most convenient way possible.

If you’re looking to improve your cigar storage or smoking space, keep your eye on Ancora (as well as their parent company, Ferio Tego). These breakout brands have much to offer the cigar world, and they’re just getting started. Find their products here at Best Cigar Prices starting in September and early October!

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