Bella Torres Cigars (Video)

Our original collaboration with Rafael Nodal of Boutique Blends cigars, Bella Torres is one of our most sought-after exclusive blends here at Best Cigar Prices. In this video Rafael tells you about the inspiration for this unique and flavorful blend.


Hi, I’m Rafael Nodal from Boutique Blend Cigars.

One day, I was working on a great blend, and I was putting together an old Dominican cigar, what is called in the industry Puro, Puro Dominicano, because it’s all tobacco from the Dominican Republic. And my friends at Best Cigar Prices said, “We need to have this blend for one of our cigars.”

Well, as a good father, I didn’t want to give my kid away. And finally, we came to an understanding that this cigar has to be for my good friends at Best Cigar Prices, called Bella Torres. As you can see, it has a beautiful tower. And Bella, beautiful. Torres, because of the tower.

This cigar, it was one of my first all Dominican blends. It has all tobacco from the Dominican Republic from two different farms in the beautiful Cibao region of Dominican. Unbelievable valley. It’s beautiful weather all the time. And the soil is very rich and produces tobacco that has a lot of flavor, has a lot of aroma. Very oily. Would bring [inaudible 00:01:21] that strains and flavor. And that’s what Bella Torres brings to you. It’s a cigar that I am particularly happy about being connected and making. And it’s one of my babies and I see how it develops.

This cigar. Your first part of the cigar will give you the initial aroma and the bouquet with a lot of flavor, but as you continue smoking, it will develop into different flavors. And the complexity of this cigar is unbelievable. It will turn different flavored throughout the whole smoking experience, and at the end, you have some chocolate flavors and some earthy flavors. And that’s what well-aged Dominican tobacco brings to you.

So if you are looking for a cigar with that, with flavors and complexity, all Dominican, and which is not your typical, old, your “father’s” Dominican cigar, that’s what Bella Torres will provide to you.

There’s nothing better than to get together with friends, and enjoy a great cigar. And even when you are alone and you are reflecting in everything that’s going on with your life, and you want something with flavor and aroma, but again, will give you character, something Bella Torres is going to bring to you.

I hope you enjoy this cigar as much as I enjoyed making and smoking these cigars. Cheers.

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