Best Cigar Accessories Under $50

With the gift-giving season approaching faster than anyone is really comfortable with, we thought we’d give you a little head start by shedding some light on some of the coolest, most useful, and overall best cigar tools & accessories on our site for less than $50. Read on.

Alec Bradley The Burner Table Top Lighter

The first item to come to mind when compiling this list, Alec Bradley’s Burner table top lighter has long been a staple in our arsenal of preferred cigar accessories here at BCP. Featuring a range-type burner and classy chrome base, the Burner’s adjustable flame makes torching up even your fattest smokes a breeze and is designed to accommodate a herf session of multiple participants. As an added bonus, this handy little contraption resembles an attack robot from space to add a little sci-fi excitement to your smoking spot.

Price: $42.99

Colibri 2-Tone Cigar Cutter

Sharp in both literal and aesthetic senses, the eye-catching
Colibri 2-Tone Cigar Cutter packs two vibrantly color-coated, spring-loaded 440 stainless steel blades. So, not only will you get a clean chop on your favorite smokes, but you’ll look good while doing it. This cool tool cuts up to a 62 ring gauge cigar, comes in gift box packaging, and includes a two-year warranty so you can buy with confidence. Who the hell designed this cutter, Martha Stewart?

Price: $38.99

The Florence Black Leather 10 Cigar Case By Prestige Imports

Looking for a fancy cigar travel case with the look of a high-end European carry-all? Well you are in luck, because the sturdy Florence Black Leather 10 Cigar Case By Prestige Imports is just that and then some. Designed to hold up to 10 Churchill-sized cigars and equipped with a portable humidifier to preserve your stogie stash while you’re on the move, the Florence’s cool black leather exterior goes equally well with Armani suits AND Blue Oyster-appropriate chaps and biker hats. How many other travel humis can you say that about?

Price: $28.99

Transmidity Humidity Bag

We would have never predicted that our exclusive Transmidity Bag would become one of our top-selling items in 2019, but that’s exactly what happened. As it turns out, folks really appreciate the extra protection that this durable, humidified bag provides for their cigars during transit. At just $4.99, it’s one of the cheapest items on this list, and being that it’s almost infinitely reusable, it’s also one of the greatest values. Whatta concept.

Price: $4.99

Lotus Ambassador Lighter & Ashtray Gift Set

Sneaking in just under the $50 mark at $49.99, the Lotus Ambassador Lighter & Ashtray Gift Set is essentially an all-in one cigar accessory package with clean and classy looks to boot. Featuring a durable and lightweight Lotus Ashtray and powerful Ambassador Lighter equipped with twin pinpoint torch flames, a fold-out 8 mm cigar punch, and visible fuel level window, this slick set has everything you need to cut, light, ash, and rest your cigar for less than 50 smackers – not too shabby.

Price: $49.99

Renegade Big Boy Lighter & Cutter Gift Set

For the traveling cigarist (yes, I just pulled that term directly out of my @$$), there might not be a more appropriate and affordably-priced package than the Renegade Big Boy Lighter & Cutter Gift Set.

This convenient travel gift set comes complete with a Vertigo Renegade 4-Torch Lighter and Big Boy 64 Ring Cutter with stainless steel double guillotine blades, all tucked securely inside a watertight, airtight, & impact resistant hard plastic humidor that’s akin to Brock Lesnar himself guarding your smokes while you’re on the go.

Price: $45.99

Scent Bomb Air Freshener

Scoff if you will at this selection, but I guarantee our go-to smoking spaces smell way better than yours if you’re not using Scent Bomb Air Fresheners. Stale smoke odors are a drag for even the most hardcore ‘garheads, and these powerful, 100% concentrated oil-based air fresheners provide a long lasting fresh fragrance in a variety of delicious scents. Just one spray in any desired area will freshen for days, and a 1 oz bottle will only run you five bucks. C’mon now.

Price: $4.99

Xikar Cigar Cutter Knife

Boasting an infomercial-worthy range of uses, the versatile Xikar Cigar Cutter Knife has a built in 48 RG cigar slot for chopping open your favorite smokes, features a money clip, and slices and dices countless other cuttable things as an everyday pocket knife. And, like a psychologically-stunted former boy scout, you can keep it on you for life because it’s backed by Xikar’s awesome lifetime warranty.

Price: $41.99

Cigar Oasis Gun Metal Ash-Stay Ashtray

Coveted by Area 51 enthusiasts worldwide for its unique flying saucer-like design, the Cigar Oasis Gun Metal Ash-Stay Ashtray is far from your average ash-catcher. This wind-resistant ashtray features a closed top over its 3 spacious cigar rests to seal in ashes, smoke, and odors, and is even dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. It’s like the ashtray of the future, with a price reminiscent of simpler times. I’m telling you people, I should work for Hallmark.

Price: $24.99

The Cigar Clip

Featuring a heat-resistant rubber coated handle, this handy and also somewhat dandy clip was designed to hold your cigar when it gets down to the last couple of inches so you can savor every last puff without scorching your hands. Fully adjustable to fit any ring size and covered under a lifetime warranty, this convenient clip will allow you to dispose of your little roach-clips and tooth-picks and step into the modern age with the rest of us. You’re welcome.

Price: $5.99

Add any of these fine, reasonably-priced accessories to your next cigar order and be better off than you are.

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