Best Cigar Prices Explores What Makes Cuban Cigars so Good

Drums, PA – March 5, 2012— Cuban cigars are best known for their high quality and robust flavor, but why?, a leading online distributor of premium cigars from around the world, discusses what makes Cuban cigars stand out from the crowd.

One factor that contributes to the distinctive taste of a Cuban cigar is Cuba’s ideal climate and nutrient-rich soil optimal for growing tobacco. No other region in the world can compare to Cuba’s year-long tropical climate when it comes to tobacco production.

The skills of the Cuban cigar makers are second to none. Many cigar experts claim that Cuban cigar rollers, or “torcedores,” are the best in the world. Cuban cigars, commonly referred to as Habanos, are hand rolled on the island as opposed to many machine rolled cigars elsewhere. The practices and techniques used to roll Habanos have remained the same for centuries.

The fact alone that Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States due to a trade embargo imposed on Cuba only adds to the allure and high-demand for the sought-after cigar. Truthfully, there are many stateside versions of Cuban cigars that are comparable, if not better than their Cuban counterparts. carries many Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran cigars that are very popular among Cuban cigar enthusiasts. Here are recommended Cuban-reminiscent cigars:

  • Cohiba Cigars– This rich, deeply-satisfying Dominican cigar is the only Cohiba cigar that can be purchased legally in the United States
  • Montecristo CigarsOne of the most famous names in cigars,  the Montecristo cigar is a smooth and aromatic Dominican blend that has been closely compared to the Cuban cigar of the same name
  • Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars– A full-bodied, straight-forward Honduran cigar crafted with Cuban seed tobacco offers stateside cigars that are extremely similar and equally as, if not more tasty than their Cuban counterpart. To learn more about stateside cigars or to read the Best Cigar Prices blog please visit

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