Best Cigar Prices Sends Appreciation Cigars To Troops

Flag sent in from the 2d Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company

Best Cigar Prices deeply appreciates what our military has done, is doing and will continue to do in the future in order to protect our freedom. In the past we have sent cigars overseas to our troops to show our appreciation. While we know a few cigars will never repay them for the amount of time they have spent serving our country, we hope that this small gesture helps; after all it’s the least we can do!

Not long ago Best Cigar Prices sent cigars to a United States Marine Corp unit serving in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. We wanted to show this group of Marines that we really appreciate all that they do. The troop responded with a kind letter saying how the cigars really helped them during a time of need. Because they enjoyed the cigars so much we sent them another package of cigars for them to kick back with and forget about everything, if only for a brief moment.

Several Marines enjoying a few cigars from Best Cigar Prices

After sending the cigars we were extremely excited to receive an American flag along with a plaque in Best Cigar Prices’ name as a thank you from the troop stationed in Afghanistan. The flag we received was from the 2nd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company serving in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. SSGT John W. Foster of the United States Marine Corp carried the flag during a combat patrol supporting the war on terrorism while in Afghanistan. When we received the flag we were touched, as it meant a lot to us. We ended up hanging the flag along with the plaque in our lobby to remind us every day what our military does to protect our freedom. We were honored that the 2nd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company took the time to send us such a precious token of appreciation.

SSGT John W. Foster, of the United States Marin Corp, told us that the cigars really helped the unit out during a time of need. “The guys really loved the cigars and were ecstatic about getting them,” said Foster. “A lot of us were out doing patrols and at the end of our tour so the cigars came at a great time and really lifted everyone’s spirits.” The cigars sent were a way for everyone to get together, relax, light up a cigar and talk about family and friends.

Upon seeing how grateful the troops were Best Cigar Prices plans to continue donating cigars to troops serving overseas to help them through their tours. We also ship to all United States military addresses (APO, FPO) via USPS and make ordering stogies for military members overseas as easy as possible. With every order to an APO address we also donate an APO pack which is an assortment of cigars and cigar accessories.

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