Best Cigar Whiskey Pairings

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We posted a quick question on Facebook asking the following:

What whiskey goes best with a good cigar?

The results were fairly amazing with a flood of diverse responses. Here were some of the more popular cigar pairing whiskey choices from our customers:


1 Jim Beam Black

With a 93 rating, Jim Beam Black is the highest rated North American Whiskey.  Aged 8 years and bottled at 86 proof, Jim Beam Black is a spicy and sweet bourbon that pairs best with a Connecticut-wrapped cigar, such as our  Kensington Connecticut Reserve by Alec Bradley.  Introduced in 2008, the Kensington features silky Connecticut wrappers, Indonesian binders, and aged Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers for a smooth and mellow flavor that make it a perfect match for the bold taste of Jim Beam Black.

buffalo trace

2 Buffalo Trace

Burnished gold in color, this Bourbon brings a wide range of aromas from honey, oak ,vanilla ,toffee, and a suggestion of coriander are all there. This masculine whiskey comes with a complex spicy mustiness, tobacco, overripe oranges, and a surprising smokiness that you don’t find in other brands. This is suggested to be paired with a Six Zero Cigar From Boutique Blends, makers of Aging Room and Swag cigars, Six Zero cigar was blended for optimum flavor and balance for today’s discerning cigar smoker which matches the Buffalo Trace perfectly.

woodford reserve burbon whisky

3 Woodford Reserve

Distilled using pot stills rather than the more widely used column stills, the Woodford Reserve is aged in stone warehouses to control the complete maturation process, Woodford Reserve is considered one of the greatest American bourbons ever produced. This aged drink matches perfectly with Padron Anniversario Serie 1926 #9 Natural Cigars The Padron is cigar aficionado rated at 97, making it one of the highest rated cigars available. This cigar isn’t low cost, but it’s one of the highest rated cigars you can buy coupled with a great drink like a Woodford Reserve allows for one of the best parings you can make.

It’s easy to pick a Whiskey that goes with a cigar but try picking a cigar that goes with a Whiskey. Do you have any ideas of a Pairing with a cigar and a drink that goes well together?

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