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For all you frugal aficionados and machine-made maniacs out there, we’re proud to announce that Black & Mild cigars are now in stock and ready to ship at Best Cigar

Originally produced by John Middleton Co in King of Prussia, PA, a tobacco company dating back to the1850’s, Black and Mild originated in 1968. The company first began making pipe-tobacco cigars from its authentic Cherry Blend tobacco. These cigars became known as Middleton’s Cherry Blend cigars. A little over a decade later, Middleton expanded on this concept by creating a new cigar using their popular Black Cavendish and Golden Virginia pipe-tobacco blends, and Black and Mild hit the shelves in 1980.

The original concept behind the Black & Mild cigars was to provide consumers with the distinct taste of aromatic pipe tobaccos without the mess and fuss of using an actual pipe. The line was a hit and grew to be the company’s most successful product line by 1996.

In 1997, Middleton moved production of Black & Milds to their second location in Limerick, PA. Ten years later the company became a subsidiary of Altria Group, eventually moving production to the Dominican Republic, and Black & Mild remains one of Altria’s best-selling brands today.

Compared to most common “gas station cigars” on the market, Black & Mild holds a reputation as one of “the decent ones” by more experienced smokers who typically enjoy premium handmade cigars. Wrapped in a homogenized leaf pipe-tobacco wrapper, Black and Mild’s are sold in a variety of styles, each providing a unique, lip-smacking pipe tobacco taste.

The Line-up:

Black & Mild Original

The smooth and straight-forward aromatic taste of the original Black & Mild has long been a top choice for everyday aficionados. These cool classics are available in both plastic and wood-tipped varieties.

Middleton Cherry Blend

The original pipe tobacco cigar, Middleton Cherry Blend is made using the smooth, cherry-kissed Burley and Virginia tobaccos of the Middleton Cherry Blend pipe tobacco. These sweet smokes put a delicious aroma in the air and have endured since the 1970s.

Black & Mild Cream

Exceptionally smooth and mellow, Black & Mild Cream cigars deliver a pleasantly fragrant and creamy smoke.

Black & Mild Select

Sweet and silky in taste, Black & Mild Select cigars offer the most mellow body and laid-back character of the Black & Mild collection.

Black & Mild Wine

Using a blend of Black Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos with a subtle infusion of red wine, the delicious Black & Mild Wine cigars hit the sweet spot in both plastic and wood-tipped varieties.

Black & Mild Gold & Mild

Showcasing the lighter side of the brand, the Gold & Mild blend features a natural shade wrapper leaf to deliver a distinctly rich and creamy smoke like none other.

Regardless of the Black & Mild blend you choose, you’ll find it at the lowest price possible right here @ BCP.

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