Blog Roundup: IPCPR Wrap-Up – The Best Coverage from Around the Blogosphere

Our buying team is headed back to New Orleans. Our receiving department is doing squat thrusts and dead lifts in preparation for the thousands of boxes of cigars headed our way. And here in the marketing department, we’re going gaga over all the great deals and new products we have to offer. When you’re sitting on a mountain of cigars, anything is possible.

We wanted to point you in the direction of some great web content covering all the goings-on at this year’s IPCPR. We promise next year someone from the marketing department will be on the show floor blogging, tweeting and shooting video. We’re sure we’ll be one of the folks leading the media field in 2011, but this year we have to give props to the pros who brought us all sorts of useful info.

As always, the Stogie Guys nailed their coverage, and you can check out a day-by-day report here. Check out Cigar Aficionado’s coverage of the event gives you an insider’s perspective. A blog that just popped up on our radar called In With Bacchus aslo has some great coverage of the IPCPR.

We also enjoyed’s coverage, including this post with links to video of Pepin Garcia partying hard with his friends and the whole Miami Cigar family. The article was actually posted by Barry Stein of A Cigar Smoker’s Journal, and he mentioned it had been observed that the crowd was a little light this year, especially the New York contingent. Gee, I wonder why?

There was also some cigar-related news happening outside the convention center, including this story about the Feds busting up a cigar distribution and retail ring that skipped out on $35M in California excise taxes.

Finally, though it may be off-topic, we encourage you to check out this bizarre video of the Smoking Hot Cigar Chick being held one-handed above the head of “World’s Strongest Man” Dennis Rogers while he uses his right hand to drive a nail bare-fisted into a wooden board that’s on fire. Yeah.

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