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Blog Roundup: Patel, Leccia, Pure Grades, Cedar Lighter, Nanny State

We’ve got a bunch of interesting odds and ends from the cigar blogosphere to share with you today, so let’s get right into it.

A Cigar Smoker’s Journal has this quick video interview with Rocky Patel discussing the acquisition and partnership with EO Brands. He talks about what will be changing and what will be remaining the same. Lucky for our wallets, the pricing info in particular is encouraging. Plus I finally learned how to correctly pronounce master blender Don Pepin’s name.

Robusto Joe reports on a recent cigar event with Sam Leccia, mastermind of the Cain and Nub lines. With great photos and enthusiastic text, we get an inside look at Leccia’s incredible skill with cigars. The photo at the end of a cigar band made entirely of tobacco is truly unbelievable.

Puffing Cigars offers us this very interesting article on “pure grade” cigars which feature tobacco from one particular bale of leaves. Used by blenders to detect dominant flavors in each leaf, pure grades help them decide what percentage of each type of tobacco to blend with the others, creating the complex flavor you savor in the final product.

The Design Blog profiles a lighter unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s something of a hybrid between a classy flint-sparked lighter and a cedar strip — should be perfect for cigar smokers.

The Cigar Nut has a great post on the erosion of our freedoms in relation to tobacco smoking bans across the country. His words really strike a nerve and make you realize that America is already a nanny state and becoming more so with every law that passes limiting the individual’s ability to make their own decisions. The Perfect Draw also chimes in, reminding us of the catastrophic impact of these bans on the people who actually make the cigars.