Boveda’s Acrylic Humidors Get a Touch of Cedar

When most people hear the word “humidor,” they’re likely to picture an ornate wooden box. After all, Spanish cedar has long been the material of choice for humidors. Not only is Spanish cedar aesthetically attractive, but it also retains moisture exceptionally well.

Perhaps that’s why some cigar lovers raise an eyebrow at the phrase “acrylic humidor.” Nevertheless, Boveda has shown that—when combined with their convenient Humidipaks—acrylic humidors get the job done. Their time-tested acrylic humis have proven to be a practical, affordable way to keep your sticks fresh.

However, it looks like Boveda is making a compromise of sorts. While these signature humidors will still be primarily acrylic, many elements on the inside will not. These interior components, though retaining the same design, will be made from cedar rather than plastic.

For the small model, which holds about 20 robustos, the perforated insert that goes over the Humidipaks will be changed to cedar. The removable trays and dividers found in the larger model, which holds about 75 robustos, will now be wooden as well.

According to halfwheel, Boveda has stated that the cedar components will not be sold individually. It has also been confirmed that this is a permanent change, not a new option. So if you’re a fan of the all-acrylic look of Boveda’s humidors, you might want to get your hands on one while you still can. If you’d prefer the new humis, you’ll be able to find them here at Best Cigar Prices soon!

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