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Bull & Bear vs. the Whiners

Maybe name-calling is a bit on the immature side, but I can’t think of anything else to call the guys who complained about the cigar smell from the Bull & Bear tobacco shop enough for their landlords to try to evict them. That’s right—neighbors of the Bull & Bear cigar shop in St. Charles, IL have complained so many times about smelling “puffs of tobacco smoke” that that ShoDeen, the owner of the building, is attempting to evict the store, according to an article in the Kane County Chronicle.

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Lawyers for Gintaras, the cigar shop’s parent corporation, have asked a judge to rule that the shop has a right (as stated in the lease) to allow customers to smoke in the store’s lounge. ShoDeen, however, pointed out a passage in the lease that forbids the shop from allowing “any objectionable or unpleasant odors to emanate from its premises.”

What I’m wondering is how did both of their lawyers just gloss over the highly contradictory language in the lease? Who wrote the damned thing in the first place? I’d personally argue that the smell of cigar smoke is neither objectionable nor unpleasant, but that’s exactly where the problem is—whether smells are good are bad is completely subjective. This is exactly why I can’t get a guy on the subway arrested for wearing bad-smelling cologne or having a stupid haircut.

Anyway, I hope the guys at Bull & Bear are able to hold onto their shop, though considering their landlords and surrounding neighbors, it doesn’t seem to be the greatest location. This is just a classic example of people trying to use the law to push their own personal preferences over someone else’s. As the old cliché goes, “Can’t we all just get along?” Apparently not.